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TPO Message

This is a technologically advanced age. The waves of innovation are echoing across the current educational landscape. In this dynamic environment, it is imperative that our country’s young minds be developed and encouraged to reach the pinnacle of achievement. CRSSIET is an institute that has progressed over time to meet the  needs of the worldwide educational community. Our students’ brilliance, great energy, and motivation, as well as their demanding job settings, ensure that they bring a level of maturity and knowledge to the classroom. The contact between students and faculty improves everyone’s educational experience. A fantastic learning environment is created by the mix of  bright, devoted students and competent professional staff.

Our faculties are experts in the subjects they teach. They not only offer students with a firm foundation in the academic ideas and principles of their specialty, but they also give them insight into the practical concerns and challenges that their subject is currently confronting. They provide the ideal mix of theory and practice for our pupils.

This enables the Training and Placement Cell to focus on specific areas where students can improve. Our students, we feel, are like “uncut diamonds” that need to be directed in the right path in order to develop their lustre.

We promote group work so that each student can benefit from their classmates’ unique cultural and business backgrounds. In the learning enterprise, we also develop a strong relationship between students, instructor and staff.

Sh. Paritosh Parashar
Training and Placement Officer (TPO)

Campus Drive and Recruitment


  • To provide students with the best opportunity for industrial and vocational training.
  • The goal is to place as many students as possible.
  • Students will be guided through several interview approaches, group discussions, and aptitude assessments.

Other activities include:

  • Conducting IQ testing on a regular basis
  • Organizing Personality Development Workshops
  • Provides students with training in aptitude testing, interview tactics, and group discussions
  • Notifies students about various competitive examinations
  • Arranges industry trips Assists students interested in pursuing further education
Sr. No. Year/Batch Branch % of placement
- Computer Science and Engineering

- Mechanical Engineering

- Electrical Engineering

- Civil Engineering

- Electronics and Communication Engineering




- Computer Science and Engineering

- Mechanical Engineering

- Electrical Engineering




- Computer Science and Engineering

- Mechanical Engineering

- Electrical Engineering




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