• It is well situated at the 1st floor of our Administrative Block. Well classified & maintained Library tells you the truth of the working capacity of our facility.
  • The Engineering Library is having Books for CSE, ECE, CE, ME, EE.
  • All the facility of Engineering Library are too good in their nature & behaviour for helping our students in every situation.


Mechanical Engineering Workshop is a place where students acquire knowledge on the operation of various processes involved in manufacturing and production. The Workshop Practice course makes students competent in handling practical work in engineering environment. Mechanical Engineering Workshop is also involved in different maintenance/repair works for University


Separate hostels for boys and girls are available at the college. Ch. Ranbir Singh State Institute of Engineering and Technology, Silani Kesho, Jhajjar has also planned an Internet service for hostel inhabitants via a wireless local area network, so that they can access the internet from their rooms if their computer has a Bluetooth connection interface. All hostels offer comfortable accommodations as well as opportunities for extracurricular activities.


College allow all the scholarships which are approved by Government Such as:

  1. Scholarship Scheme of SC Students of State (Parental Income Should be less than 2.5 Lac).
  2. Scholarship Scheme of BC Students of State (Parental Income Should be less than 1.5 Lac).
  3. B.R. Ambedkar Merit Scholarship and so on.


Our mission is to foster a culture in which our student-athletes have every opportunity to reach their maximum potential academically, athletically, mentally and socially and be the best and lead the rest in the sports.