Computer Science & Engineering

H.O.D. Message

Greetings! On behalf of the faculty members, staff, and students of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Ch. Ranbir Singh State Institute of Engineering and Technology at Jhajjar, I welcome you all to the creative world of CSE. I think that the CSE discipline has long been acknowledged as a critical source and approach for progress in all areas of human endeavour, both today and in the future. The Department aspires to be a world-class technology department that serves as a major node in a national and worldwide knowledge network, enabling the computer science sector with proficiency and innovation.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is dedicated to industry-relevant software and hardware research and development. It focuses on a high academic quality, which is supported up by a revised syllabus and industry collaboration. The department’s curriculum focuses on instilling technical knowledge in students, improving their problem-solving skills, and encouraging the creation of new technologies.

Dr. Virender Singh
Head of Department

Our Vision & Mission:

Vision : To produce qualified individuals who will work in industry and research organizations on a national and worldwide scale.

Mission :

  • Internships, mentorships, and professional body activities will be used to improve department-industry engagement.
  • Providing a solid theoretical and practical grounding in all aspects of computer science, with a focus on software development.
  • Giving students the tools they need to complete their studies and advance their careers.
  • Professionalism, strong ethical principles, innovative research skills, and leadership qualities are all instilled.

Objectives & Outcomes

Objectives :

  • To offer a thorough grasp of the foundations of computer science and to provide the groundwork for a lifetime of learning in order to promote advancement in business and in pursuit of further education.
  • Our goal is to provide our students with the technical and analytical skills they need to create innovative solutions to challenging real-world issues using both existing and emerging technology.
  • Our objective is to provide our students with the technical and analytical abilities they’ll need to come up with novel solutions to real-world problems utilizing both existing and upcoming technologies.
  • To expose students to a variety of current topics in order for them to become more ethical and responsible toward themselves, their colleagues, humanity, and the nation.

Outcomes :

  • With specific technical expertise in the fields of data science, artificial intelligence, full-stack, web development, gaming, augmented reality, and virtual reality, students will be able to understand the fundamental principles of computer science and engineering.
  • Create, choose, and apply suitable methodologies, resources, and contemporary computer technologies to complex engineering operations, including prediction and modeling, while keeping in mind the limits.
  • Enable students to get high-paying national and international employment, pursue higher education, start businesses, and become responsible global citizens.
  • Utilize professional engineering techniques, strategies, and tactics to build the capacity to design, create, and manage software-based products and services, assess and anticipate possible hazards, and deliver innovative, cost-effective, and optimum computing solutions.
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Expert Lecture Conducted :

Many expert lectures are conducted for students by Industrialists/Academicians for overall development of students. This expert lecture helps to boom knowledge of students with respect to high demand jobs in the industrial sectors like digital marketing, Artificial intelligence etc. Also expert lectures on how to tackle interviews and develop their personalities help students to groom themselves according to the industrial environments.

Milestones of CSE Department

  • Multiple teams of CRSSIET CSE students participated in TOYCATHON and a team with project named “Anek Dharm Ek Bharat” is selected as a finalist.
  • Students of CSE department build a collage application.
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